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Mattresses and bedding are some of the most important purchases that consumers make. As a mattress manufacturer, your livelihood depends on your customers getting exactly what they want. To achieve your goals, you need foam parts that match your designs exactly.

Bedding Foam Cutting and Convoluting Services

Using sophisticated CNC technologies, we can cut bedding foam to any shape you need. Our equipment includes:

  • CNC wire profilers
  • PLC band saws
  • CNC wire profilers

We can also produce convoluted foam with complex and intricate patterns.

Foam Lamination Services

To achieve the right firmness for a mattress, sofa cushion and automotive seat manufacturers often need to laminate several pieces of foam together. At our facility in Pomona, California, we provide foam lamination services to help ensure that our customers’ customers get exactly what they want.

American Made Foam

At Pomona Quality Foam, we cut bedding foam exclusively from American-made foam. Every bit of foam we use comes from local manufacturers, not low-quality or offshore manufacturers. Using open cell foam, memory foam and high density foam, we help our customers create the feel and indentation force deflection they’re looking for.

Fast Production and Shipping

Customers often turn to us after having been disappointed by foam part manufacturers who took too long to complete an order or missed deadlines entirely. Pomona Quality Foam is the only West Coast foam parts manufacturer that can turn around orders around fast!.

Get Foam Parts Fast

Long lead times and high costs disappear when you work with a foam parts manufacturer that can deliver fast. For more information about our services or to request a quote for your project, contact Pomona Quality Foam.

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