Upholstery Foam Solutions



Upolstery foam adds a layer of comfort to many of the items we use every day. But low quality foam, or foam that isn’t cut to the right size or shape doesn’t perform the way it’s supposed to. At Pomona Quality Foam, we can cut and trim upholstery foam to the size and shape you need.

Profile and Contour Cutting

Using cutting-edge, CNC technologies, we’re able to cut upholstery foam to match any design. The technologies we use include:

  • CNC wire profiler
  • PLC bandsaws
  • CNC oscillating blade profiler

Upholstery Supplies

We have everything you need for upholstery jobs, including:

  • Rolled foam
  • Foam with laminated fabric 
  • Foam sheets
  • Convoluted foam
  • Fiber

Foam Made Locally

All of the foam we use is made locally. We never rely on foam shipped from overseas.

Upcycling in Pomona and Beyond

Upcycling – taking something old and making it new again is – is becoming increasingly popular. Often, people find vintage furniture that has great design and solid structure, but has lifeless, worn-out cushions. If you are local to the Pomona area and need help refurbishing vintage cushions, stop in and see us. We can match the original cushions and bring old furniture back to its former glory. We upgrade old furniture with new technology, so you can experience contemporary comfort and classic style.

Get Foam Parts Fast

Pomona Quality Foam serves the southern part of the West Coast. We ship upholstery foam to customers in California, Nevada and Arizona. For more information, contact Pomona Quality Foam today.

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