Hospitality Furniture Foam Solutions



Furniture in universities, libraries, private hospitals and retail waiting rooms has to be durable. It also has to be comfortable even after thousands of people have used it. At Pomona Quality Foam, we have more than 30 years of experience with producing long-lasting furniture foam fabricationjs that provide enduring luxury.


How do you make a piece of furniture that hundreds of people can use every day? Using a combination of sophisticated technologies and top-quality foam, Pomona Quality Foam produces top-flight foam fabrications for hospitality furniture. Our services include:

  • Foam Lamination: By laminating two or more pieces of foam together, we are able to create comfortable foam cushions that can stand up to heavy use in public spaces. 
  • High Resiliency Foam: In a place like a hospital or busy university library, the last thing anyone thinks about is the furniture. They want to be able to put the chairs where they belong and forget about them – and expect them to last for years. For furniture with this kind of worry-free staying power, you need the very best foam available: high resiliency foam. We have extensive experience with high resiliency foam and can cut it into any shape. 
  • Coil Cushions: By wrapping foam around a series of small wire coils, we create cushions that can easily absorb sitting force over and over again. 
  • Foam Profile and Contour Cutting: Using state-of-the-art technologies, we replicate any design, no matter how complex.

Fast Shipping

Pomona Quality Foam stands apart from the competition as the fastest foam parts manufacturer on the West Coast. We can turn around orders very quickly, shortening lead times considerably. Additionally, we maintain our own fleet of shipping vehicles, so we can make deliveries when it’s most convenient for you. We can also make drop shipments so that you can manage your inventory easily.

Get Foam Parts Fast

Pomona Quality Foam ships foam parts and assemblies to customers all over California, Arizona and Nevada. For more information about the services we provide to furniture manufacturers, or to request a quote, contact Pomona Quality Foam today.

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