Foam Parts

The key to producing a top-notch foam part is to start with the very best foam. At Pomona Quality Foam, we use foam blocks from local manufacturers who are committed to producing the very best.

Foam for All Types of Application

All foam is not the same. Foam varies by cell structure, which is why certain types of foam are better choices than others for certain applications. For more than 30 years, Pomona Quality Foam has created foam parts for all types of applications, using all types of foam.

Open Cell Foam
Uses: bedding, furniture, upholstery, medical
Most bedding and furniture is made with open cell foam.

Closed Cell Foam
Uses: Fixturing, packaging, boat cushions, outdoor furniture
Closed-cell foam is water resistant, making it an excellent choice for protective packaging and outdoor applications.

Memory Foam
Uses: mattresses, mattress toppers, bedding, seating
Memory foam is widely known for its ability to hold a shape and is a popular choice for creating a special feel for bedding and mattresses.

High Resilient Foam/High Density Foam
Uses: Furniture, cushions, mattresses, medical
High resilient foam and high density foam are durable and comfortable and as a result are often used for high-end furniture.

Reticulated Foam
Uses: Marine applications, outdoor furniture, boat cushions
Reticulated is a water- and mildew-resistant foam that is ideal for use in any application that involves moisture.

Convoluted Foam
Uses: Packaging, mattress toppers, soundproofing panels
This egg-crate shaped foam is versatile and is used for many diverse applications.

Choosing Foam

Occasionally, our customers are unsure which type of foam is the best choice for their particular application. Our team is prepared to make suggestions so that you can select the foam that will deliver the best performance for your part.

Get Foam Parts, Fast

Customers in Nevada, Arizona and California rely on us for quality products and on-time delivery. We respond to customer inquiries and requests for quotes within 24 hours. Your project can’t wait. You shouldn’t either. Contact Pomona Quality Foam now.

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