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No one else can match our 3-day turnaround time. When you need foam   parts fast, call Pomona Quality Foam.


You need a foam part and you have a unique design in mind. You need foam specialists who can cut, laminate and finish the part quickly and all under one roof. In California, we’re the specialists you turn to when you need foam parts fast. Pomona Quality Foam offers a complete range of services for customers who need foam parts, including:

  • Foam Contour Cutting: At Pomona Quality Foam, we can cut any shape you can imagine. Circles, curves, contours – the possibilities are limitless. Using CNC wire profilers and band saws, we’re able to match our customers’ complex designs with unparalleled accuracy and repeatability.

  • Foam Profile Cutting: With sophisticated CNC technologies, we deftly reproduce out customers’ complex designs. Our state-of-the-art profile cutting equipment not only enables us to produce parts that match your designs precisely, but also allows us to produce part with the same precision – every time.
  • Foam Lamination: Foam parts often comprise several layers that are laminated together. We can bond different types foam to creat the ultimate seating or sleeping experience. The adhesive we use for lamination is water-based, organic latex glue that is environmentally friendly and the gold standard of the bedding industry.
  • Foam Fabrication: At our facility in Pomona, we complete the entire fabrication process, including contour cutting and lamination, on-site.
  • Convoluted Foam: We take blocks of foam and run them through a machine that creates peaks and valleys, similar to an egg crate. Convoluted foam is a versatile product, used for a wide range of applications.

Egg Crate



Fast Shipping & Flexible Delivery

We can turn around orders faster than anyone else. Bring your designs to us and we’ll return complete parts within 3 business days. It doesn’t matter whether you need a high or low volume order – we’ll deliver it fast. In addition to speed, we also offer flexibility that’s tough to beat. We maintain our own fleet of shipping trucks which means we can bring a trailer to your facility, drop it off and let you unload it at your own pace.

Get Foam Laminations, Fiber, Pillows, Fast

Customers in California, Arizona and Nevada all rely on Pomona Quality Foam for quality foam parts and reliable, on-time delivery. Send us a request for quote or a question and we’ll respond within 24 hours.

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