High Resilient (HR) Foam



Furniture that sees heavy use in public spaces needs High Resiliency foam. In addition to choosing the best foam available, you also need foam parts that are made accurately and delivered on time. Pomona Quality Foam is the only West Coast manufacturer that can guarantee quick turnaround times and precise parts.

What is High Resiliency Foam?

High Resiliency (HR foam) is a high-grade open cell foam that generally ranges from 2.5 to 2.8 density. These foams bounce back exceptionally well, and their cell structure enables extreme elasticity and optimal support. These foams distribute pressure across an entire surface, so they help seats, sofas and mattresses bounce back from constant heavy use. The elasticity of HR foam helps to prolong the comfort life of hospitality furniture, sofa and mattresses.

Indentation Load Deflection

Indentation Load Deflection measures how soft or firm a foam is. The foams we use at Pomona Quality Foam range from 18 to 95 ILD. If you aren’t sure what ILD your application requires, we can help you find the right foam for your project.

Manufacturing High Resiliency Foam Parts

Using state-of-the-art technologies like CNC profile and contour cutting, we can cut and laminate HR foams to any specification. No matter how complex your design, we can replicate it with accuracy.

Fast Turnaround, On-Time Deliveries

Pomona Quality Foam is the only West Coast manufacturer that is capable of turning order around in just a few days. As a result, we offer shorter lead times than anyone else and guarantee on-time deliveries. We also maintain our own fleet of shipping vehicles, saving time and money.

Get Foam Parts Fast

Pomona Quality Foam serves customers in California, Nevada and Arizona. For high-quality parts delivered fast, turn to Pomona Quality Foam. To discuss your project with our team or to request a quote, contact us today.

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