Open Cell Foam



Inferior foam parts make inferior products -- and dissatisfied customers. Long lead drive up costs. When you need leading-edge quality parts without the wait, where do you turn?

Pomona Quality Foam has extensive experience with manufacturing open cell foam parts. We produce top-quality parts accurately and efficiently.

What is Open Cell Foam?

Open cell polyurethane foam is a soft foam. “Open cell” refers to the cell walls, or surfaces of the bubbles, which are broken so that air fills all of the spaces in the material.

Indentation Load Deflection

Indentation Load Deflection (ILD) indicates how soft or hard a foam is. For the foam we use, ILD ranges from 18 - 95. We can help you choose the right density and ILD for your application.

Parts Made from Open Cell Foam

At Pomona Quality Foam, we cut and laminate parts to any specification using open cell foam. Using CNC band saws, wire profilers and oscillating blade profilers, we replicate even the most complex designs.

Fast Shipping

Pomona Quality Foam ships faster than anyone else on the West Coast. We turn around orders for foam parts very quickly, ensuring short lead times and on-time deliveries. We also maintain our own fleet of shipping vehicles, enabling us to offer flexible delivery and drop shipments.

Get Foam Parts Fast

Pomona Quality Foam manufactures and ships foam parts to customers all over the southern part of the West Coast. Customers in California, Nevada and Arizona should contact Pomona Quality Foam today for high-quality foam parts.

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