Sports Equipment Foam Solutions


In most areas of life, foam is there to provide comfort. But in the world of sports, foam plays a much more crucial role: safety. Pomona Quality Foam serves sports equipment manufacturers by providing custom-cut foam parts for sports safety equipment. From gym flooring to goal post padding, we provide that extra layer that keeps athletes safe.

Profile and Contour Cutting

With the help of sophisticated CNC technologies, we are able to cut any complex shape, such as gym floor mats with interlocking edges. The equipment we use includes:

  • CNC wire profiler
  • PLC bandsaw
  • CNC oscillating blade profiler

Foam Lamination

To create shape you desire, we have the ability to laminate two or more foam parts together. We also laminate fabric to foam to make it easy to sew into it without tearing the material.

Convoluted Foam

Egg crate foam, which can be used for things like camp pads, cushioning for equipment cases and safety equipment, is created with the use of a foam convoluter. At Pomona Quality Foam, we can create convoluted foam with peaks and valleys customized to the right heights and depths for your design.

Fast Shipping

Pomona Quality Foam turns orders around faster than any other foam parts manufacturer on the West Coast. Additionally, by maintaining our own fleet of shipping trucks, we’re able to keep costs low and deliver parts on your schedule.

Get Foam Parts Fast

Pomona Quality Foam serves sports equipment manufacturers all over the West Coast, including California, Arizona and Nevada. For more information, contact Pomona Quality Foam today.

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