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If there’s one thing people expect to provide them with comfort, it’s a pillow. Consumers can easily identify pillows that won’t provide them with the right feel. Ensuring your product will sell comes down to choosing the right foam. Pomona Quality Foam cuts pillow shapes from the highest quality foam available.
Pillow Foam Cutting Services

We provide a wide range of value-added services that can turn pillow foam into a completed part, including:

American-Made Foam

If we relied on offshore manufacturers to supply us with foam, we would never be sure whether or not our materials were high quality. That’s why we only use foam made by local producers. We work with all types of foam, including open cell foam for indoor pillows, and closed cell foam for pillows that will be used outdoors.

Fast Shipping

We do what we can to help our customers avoid long lead times and increased costs. Pomona Quality Foam is the only foam parts manufacturer on the West Coast that can turn around parts fast. Additionally, we maintain our own fleet of shipping vehicles, which means we can deliver at a time that’s convenient for you and even make drop shipments.

Get Foam Parts Fast

Ready to discuss your project or request a quote for pillow foam parts? Contact Pomona Quality Foam at our headquarters in Pomona, California, today.

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